(resolve sym)

resolve returns namesapce of a variable or class.

If you want switch another namespace, You should using in-ns:

(in-ns name)

On the clojure, import tag only import java class

(import '(java.io InputStream File))
=> nil
use=> File/separator
=> "/"

But you want import some vaiables which was defined in the clojure code, using require

(require 'clojure.contrib.math)
(clojure.contrib.math/round 1.7)
=> 2
(round 1.7)
=> java.lang.Exception:Unable to resolve symbol: round in this context

If you want import a method into current namespace, you should using use tag

(use 'clojure.contrib.math)
=> nil
(use '[clojure.contrib.math :only (round)])
(round 1.2)
=> 2

Behind :only tag, what you want import

(ns name & references)

ns tag was created new namespace, It contains :import, :require, :use

(ns examples.exploring
	(:use examples.utils clojure.contrib.str-utils)
	(:import (java.io File)))