Ivan Li(Chinese Name: 李永超)

  • I'm learnning a new programming language named rust, and I have already rewrote my blog generator using rust(previously using preactjs).
  • My part-time job remains the myself opensource project, like as SQLiteTool(python).

Professional Summary

  • Overall 10 years of experience in development of Web & J2EE Technologies.
  • Hands on experience in Core Java, Python and Kotlin
  • Knowledge of Intellij idea tool for the development of Java & Python projects
  • Hands on experience oracle & mysql
  • Hands on experience JS, ReactJs

Core Qualifications

  • Extensive knowledge of back-end on Java
  • High adaptability to changing work paces and requirements
  • Excellent ability to code and design to specifications
  • Good self-learning ability


♦ July 2016 – Present, 中软国际, Tech Lead/PM

  • Responsible for several financial service system project.
  • Lead a team of 4 java developer and 3 tester.
  • In charge of entire project delivery, requriements analysis and sloving problem of foreign colleagues from around of world.
  • Process: MicroSevice, Agile
  • Unit testing and integration testing of owned use cases.
  • Technical stack: java, springboot, springcloud, oracle

♦ September 2015 – July 2016, InfoSys, Technology Lead

  • Project (HAE) consultant at Huawei. I'm refactored and maintained web controls of iData team using Nodejs and browserify.
  • Building visual configuration tools of web controls.
  • Techinal stack: nodejs

♦ December 2014 – May 2015, 沃特智联, Architect & PM

  • Building basic tech platform, big data analysis using python and ElasticSearch, I always uses python to collecting data. And I also manage whole project.
  • This is a start-up company run by his friends and he joins as a technical partner.
  • Techinal stack: java, python, mysql

♦ August 2011 – December 2014, 世为集团, Senior Python Developer

  • Our team build a new social site(http://www.dazhima.com), the site was built with pyramid and mysql, It's a SNS site by tracking self goals.
  • It's my responsibility to developing web, and creating mobile application by Titanium.
  • Techinal stack: python, pyramid, sqlalchemy, mysql

♦ December 2011 – July 2012, 玩拍网(http://www.wanpai.com), Python Dveloper

  • This company has been acquired http://www.bidmai.com.
  • I am a web developer, build email sending tools, fix bug, add new feature for site.
  • Unit testing and integration testing of owned use cases
  • Techinal stack: python, webpy, mongodb

♦ August 2009 – October 2011, 驿腾时代科技, Senior Software Engineer

  • Requirements analysis, designing and delivery project to customers, and building basic code (dbutils and logging) and core function of this project,
  • Project management tool using redmine
  • Techinal stack: java, struts, oracle

♦ January 2007 – August 2009, GlobalSources, System Developer


Linux(Ubuntu & Debian) > Windows > MacOS


MySql > Oracle > Mongodb


Java > Javascript > Python > Kotlin


2003.9 – 2006.6 Computer Science, Broadcasting and TV University of Shannxi

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