An assistant, A robot, In now days, it is very popular words.

I'm a programmer, I want to use programing solving some problems. In my daily work, Due to security I have been granted to access restricted internet, but fortunately I could view this site (github), So I have already build a repository. It was able to download the newest version of some editor or software automatically.

The assistant is built on the nodejs, It is using these thirdparty packages as follow. this repository will checking version from downloading page of the editors, and system would also save latest version data by last round, then comparing their values, system will trigger a event that it will download newer version if it is different, otherwise ignore this. after downloading progress is finised, system would push that file to another branch of this repository. ok! that is simple!

  • request

    Simplified HTTP request client

  • cheerio

    Fast, flexible, and lean implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server

At last, thanks travis, it is very very great, all the above process should depend it. Please give me some advice,